My work combines printmaking with sewing and painting to make abstract and pictorial compositions that contemplate sense of place and make a present out of the material remnants of the past.


Palmarin Merges is an artist whose work draws from the desire to become more sustainable by re-using materials close at hand and by adapting restriction as a generative force for creation. Working primarily in mixed media, printmaking, and painting, common materials formed from the fabric of her daily life are processed then transformed into new work. Raised in Hawaii and California and spending considerable time in Japan, she incorporates the rich visual languages of her experiences with the inspiration of the natural beauty of her adopted home state of Oregon. 

Each year the artwork that I make changes, depending upon where my interest takes me.  For the last several years, I have explored the ideas associated with home.  Especially from the desire to clear my clutter and re-value mundane and commonplace objects by re-using materials close at hand and adapting restriction as a generative force for creation. 

Palmarin Merges holds an MFA Printmaking from the San Francisco Art Institute and has exhibited in Japan, the Philippines, San Francisco, and Portland, Oregon. She currently teaches at Pacific Northwest College of Art, Pacific University, the Multnomah Arts Center and occasionally at Atelier Meridian. She can be found wandering her neighborhood with her dog Barney.