Screenprinting Supplies & Resources

  1. Good screen-printing paper (Arches 88 or Rives BFK) and if you want to print on some T-shirts bring them too – see #6. (Art Media, Utrecht, Columbia Art & Drafting Supply, Daniel Smith Artist Supply)
  2. Small pointy brush for applying the Speedball Drawing Fluid – go to Michael’s and get a cheap set of the smallest brushes thinnest brushes they have available.
  3. Sketchbook and drawing material to work out ideas at home – 8.5 x 11 copy paper put into a manila folder is fine.  There is no need to buy a sketchbook if you are not inclined to.
  4. Pre-Stretched MONOFILAMENT Screens available at Art Media, Columbia Art & Drafting Supply or Utrecht.
  5. OPTIONAL: Any color other than black – Golden Acrylic and Golden Acrylic Screen-printing Medium are recommended
  6. OPTIONAL: For Printing onto T-shirts please bring - cardboard rectangles, mat board, chipboard or any other stiff board that is approximately the same size as your T-Shirts (it provides the flat surface needed to pull a good print).