Ink & Drink Screenprinting Demonstration!

I will be giving a screenprinting demonstration at Atelier Meridian ( on Friday June 11, 2010 from 6pm - 10pm. Here is a nice little bit that Jane Pagliarulolo wrote about it.

Palmarin Merges comfortably compounds imagery, text, and color to create pictures that read like well-written wallpaper. She is known for leading workshops on rambling try-anything-or-die-trying adventures through the material cabinets and bins. Come to grill her on embossement and embroidery and the low rumbling waves that shake the crust of the Pacific Rim centuries from their point of origin.

Ink & Drink - despite its moniker - is kid-friendly! Kids are invited to come and make art with wreckless abandon in our spacious, cement-floored studio.

I hope to see you there!!!