Migrations Collaboration

Julie McNiel and I have agreed to continue our exploration from our Patterns of Migration show (Blackfish Gallery, Portland, OR) and will be working on some new pieces. october 2010

This particular piece uses Screenprint, collage and continued appropriation from the wealth of prints I have made in the last several years. Enjoy!

Extraordinary Ordinary Falcon

Happy New Year All! Julie and I have finally gotten a handle on our exquisite corpse collaborative project and here is a finished piece.

Even Falcons come home

Whether it will make it into the March 2010 Blackfish Gallery Backroom Show is still to be determined!  What has been most interesting about this project are the itierations that the project itself has gone through.  We started out with an excessively broad base and have winnowed it down to a few requirements. Which on hindsight seems backwards but it's hard to tell where you're going unless you Start.  Enjoy!

Change is constant.

While Julie was doing her residency at OCAC this summer, we got to together to look at our Exquisite Corpse project.  As we looked at it all over the floor, 10 piles and about 50 different ideas per pile, I said, "This isn't going to work. We need to start over."  We had been sending our mixed media pieces back and forth for about 2.5 years and had amassed an enormous pile of....yeah, that's right.  So, we reduced the size from 'any' to about 18" x 24" AND we picked out the themes of birds and migration from looking at the previous works.  We're back at the beginning! I'll leave you with one of the pieces from our Exquisite Corpse Collaboration.  Enjoy! Squid head

Ordinary Extraordinary

  Herne is pretty in pink

Well, it is time.  Julie and I have been collaborating on this project for awhile and we finally have a few pieces done!  Julie doesn't call it anything but I call this one the Hunted as the Hunter.  I find that giving titles helps with remembering the image.  Sounds so much better than untitled don't you think. ;-)