Put your feet up.

  stay awhile

 Seems to me that, sitting and talking with family and friends becomes a more important part of life as we mature.  And unfortunately we can't or aren't always near enough to drop by for a chat or a cup of tea.  So, when you can, keep that bond strong by making a call or writing a comment on Facebook!  See you next week!

feed me!

  location, location, location

     Coming home from school everyday, I expected to have something to eat right away.  My grandfather never disappointed me - tinula (chicken soup), bindoongoo (better experienced than described, trust me), taboongao (opo squash soup with atsuete powder and pork) the list goes on!  Hence the image of the pot which is always full of food and full of memories.  

    And just because the location has changed - Portland, OR and instead of Hawaii - the full pot policy has not.  It is embedded deep in my psyche.  When we go backpacking, where we try to cut down on as much weight as possible, I make sure Matt always carries at least 5 pounds extra of food.  Shh, don't tell him.  Because no matter where you are, especially if you're not at HOME, food is important!  Check back next week for further developments on the HOME Series.

Wanna Play?!

  Wanna Play?!

As a child growing up in Honolulu, HI, the neighborhood I lived in had an 'Open Door' policy.  We would just walk into any house and see if there was something to eat or if there was anyone around who could play with us.  Then, "Home" meant comfort, food, playmates, and if you were naughty, 'da slippah', belt or extension cord. Good times. We weren't often naughty but there was always the mango tree to escape to!

Home Series - work in progress

  mixed media - screenprint, acrylic paint, collage

Greetings! I've begun work on a new series which I am currently calling 'HOME'.   There is no statement yet, that usually happens AFTER the work is done!  But I have been thinking about what 'HOME' means to me.  I am constantly thinking of my childhood in Hawaii, eating, playing and also of what home means to me now.  I'll be focusing on the HOME series until the Aug. 2009 opening so any work shown in the weekly challenges blog will be all about 'HOME'.  ;-) Stay tuned!

Landscape without Deer

 I was inspired by Stephen Hayes recent show at Elizabeth Leach Gallery and was inspried to do a Landscape.  It started out as a triptych. The left and right sides didn't look too different, so I got rid of them.  There is no light source which makes this piece look flat and uninteresting.  It could also be the color choice.   I don't know how to use paint very well as a tool, and you can tell.  Ah well, that is what these weekly challenges are for....practice using paint as a tool.  Onward and Upwards!

Spray Foam

I have been mulling over the idea of 'HOME' and what that means to me.   When I think of 'home, I think of  a structure(house), comfort, security and peace.  I have started a few prints that are unfinished using silhouettes of household items.  It will be interesting to see how the intangible things that mean home manifest themselves physically! spray foam and embedded found objects


Here is one of the first test pieces of spray foam embedded with objects that remind me of my childhood.  Not sure if I will continue with the spray foam for this series.  Onwards and Upwards!

From My Heart to Yours (beginning)

 This is the piece beginning of This is the piece in its final state.

"From My Heart to Yours".  At the event I added some leaves that I inked up and printed onto a yellow background.

As you can see to the right, I cleaned up the gold leaf and added some acrylic paint.  I wanted to keep the colors bright and cheery.  It is a sobering thing to see pictures of babies weighing 4lbs who've had major surgery and only live for a few months afterwards. I am grateful to have participated in such a worthwhile event.

Study of The Heart Tree

The inspirations for this study are several trees with heart-shaped leaves that grow in our neighbors yard.  Also, PULSE – the Fundraising event for the Children’s Heart Foundation - is in a week and a half, so I have hearts on the brain.  

This is my home but I cannot live here.

It is a study for a painting that may be in my show next year.  In and of itself, it is a finished piece.  But it is not what I had in mind for a finished painting.  So, I will do more drawings, paintings and studies.  As a friend keeps telling me, “Onward and Upwards!”