HOME series

Wanna Play?!

  Wanna Play?!

As a child growing up in Honolulu, HI, the neighborhood I lived in had an 'Open Door' policy.  We would just walk into any house and see if there was something to eat or if there was anyone around who could play with us.  Then, "Home" meant comfort, food, playmates, and if you were naughty, 'da slippah', belt or extension cord. Good times. We weren't often naughty but there was always the mango tree to escape to!

Home Series - work in progress

  mixed media - screenprint, acrylic paint, collage

Greetings! I've begun work on a new series which I am currently calling 'HOME'.   There is no statement yet, that usually happens AFTER the work is done!  But I have been thinking about what 'HOME' means to me.  I am constantly thinking of my childhood in Hawaii, eating, playing and also of what home means to me now.  I'll be focusing on the HOME series until the Aug. 2009 opening so any work shown in the weekly challenges blog will be all about 'HOME'.  ;-) Stay tuned!