acrylic paint

Extraordinary Ordinary Falcon

Happy New Year All! Julie and I have finally gotten a handle on our exquisite corpse collaborative project and here is a finished piece.

Even Falcons come home

Whether it will make it into the March 2010 Blackfish Gallery Backroom Show is still to be determined!  What has been most interesting about this project are the itierations that the project itself has gone through.  We started out with an excessively broad base and have winnowed it down to a few requirements. Which on hindsight seems backwards but it's hard to tell where you're going unless you Start.  Enjoy!

Orange Frass

  Modern day 'Sampler'

With the addition of embroidery, I have moved the work for my August 2009 at Blackfish Gallery in slightly different direction than that of the original 'Home' series.  The 'Home' series began as a broad exploration of what 'Home' is and devolved into the specific homey activity of embroidery.  Young girls learned embroidery at home and at school by making samplers which they would keep to remind them of the stitches they learned.   I've taken the idea of a sampler and made it contemporary with the use of screenprinting and instead of bible versus I've used modern phrases such as 'Dude' and 'Right on!'  Enjoy and keep on stitching!

Put your feet up.

  stay awhile

 Seems to me that, sitting and talking with family and friends becomes a more important part of life as we mature.  And unfortunately we can't or aren't always near enough to drop by for a chat or a cup of tea.  So, when you can, keep that bond strong by making a call or writing a comment on Facebook!  See you next week!

The Heart is a lonely hunter work-in-progress

  step 2 on the way to the finished piece

I started out with a 22" x 30" piece of Rives BFK paper.  Here you can see the birds, ferns and circles which were screenprinted.  The blue sky was monoprinted at the Print Arts Northwest Monothon earlier this year. Other elements were drawn with india ink.  You can see in the finished piece (see blog entry entitled: The Heart is a lonely hunter) that I cut the rooster and moved it to the other side & the swifts as well. Here is the poem I wrote for it:  

The Heart is a lonely hunter 

spooked so quickly

its quarry taking wing 

while I sit in ambush . . . . . . . . . . waiting.