The view never changes.....

work in progress The working title of this piece is The view never changes when.... but as I have continued to work on it and have added a constellation to the sky, I think the new title might be 'From the Stars' because I like to believe  that we all have the a bit of stardust in us.  ;-)  Enjoy the summer and perhaps you'll see the final piece if you're in Portland, OR visiting Blackfish Gallery in August.

Orange Frass

  Modern day 'Sampler'

With the addition of embroidery, I have moved the work for my August 2009 at Blackfish Gallery in slightly different direction than that of the original 'Home' series.  The 'Home' series began as a broad exploration of what 'Home' is and devolved into the specific homey activity of embroidery.  Young girls learned embroidery at home and at school by making samplers which they would keep to remind them of the stitches they learned.   I've taken the idea of a sampler and made it contemporary with the use of screenprinting and instead of bible versus I've used modern phrases such as 'Dude' and 'Right on!'  Enjoy and keep on stitching!