Study of The Heart Tree

The inspirations for this study are several trees with heart-shaped leaves that grow in our neighbors yard.  Also, PULSE – the Fundraising event for the Children’s Heart Foundation - is in a week and a half, so I have hearts on the brain.  

This is my home but I cannot live here.

It is a study for a painting that may be in my show next year.  In and of itself, it is a finished piece.  But it is not what I had in mind for a finished painting.  So, I will do more drawings, paintings and studies.  As a friend keeps telling me, “Onward and Upwards!”

The Heart is a lonely hunter work-in-progress

  step 2 on the way to the finished piece

I started out with a 22" x 30" piece of Rives BFK paper.  Here you can see the birds, ferns and circles which were screenprinted.  The blue sky was monoprinted at the Print Arts Northwest Monothon earlier this year. Other elements were drawn with india ink.  You can see in the finished piece (see blog entry entitled: The Heart is a lonely hunter) that I cut the rooster and moved it to the other side & the swifts as well. Here is the poem I wrote for it:  

The Heart is a lonely hunter 

spooked so quickly

its quarry taking wing 

while I sit in ambush . . . . . . . . . . waiting.