mixed media

Change is constant.

While Julie was doing her residency at OCAC this summer, we got to together to look at our Exquisite Corpse project.  As we looked at it all over the floor, 10 piles and about 50 different ideas per pile, I said, "This isn't going to work. We need to start over."  We had been sending our mixed media pieces back and forth for about 2.5 years and had amassed an enormous pile of....yeah, that's right.  So, we reduced the size from 'any' to about 18" x 24" AND we picked out the themes of birds and migration from looking at the previous works.  We're back at the beginning! I'll leave you with one of the pieces from our Exquisite Corpse Collaboration.  Enjoy! Squid head

Orange Frass

  Modern day 'Sampler'

With the addition of embroidery, I have moved the work for my August 2009 at Blackfish Gallery in slightly different direction than that of the original 'Home' series.  The 'Home' series began as a broad exploration of what 'Home' is and devolved into the specific homey activity of embroidery.  Young girls learned embroidery at home and at school by making samplers which they would keep to remind them of the stitches they learned.   I've taken the idea of a sampler and made it contemporary with the use of screenprinting and instead of bible versus I've used modern phrases such as 'Dude' and 'Right on!'  Enjoy and keep on stitching!

feed me!

  location, location, location

     Coming home from school everyday, I expected to have something to eat right away.  My grandfather never disappointed me - tinula (chicken soup), bindoongoo (better experienced than described, trust me), taboongao (opo squash soup with atsuete powder and pork) the list goes on!  Hence the image of the pot which is always full of food and full of memories.  

    And just because the location has changed - Portland, OR and instead of Hawaii - the full pot policy has not.  It is embedded deep in my psyche.  When we go backpacking, where we try to cut down on as much weight as possible, I make sure Matt always carries at least 5 pounds extra of food.  Shh, don't tell him.  Because no matter where you are, especially if you're not at HOME, food is important!  Check back next week for further developments on the HOME Series.

Wanna Play?!

  Wanna Play?!

As a child growing up in Honolulu, HI, the neighborhood I lived in had an 'Open Door' policy.  We would just walk into any house and see if there was something to eat or if there was anyone around who could play with us.  Then, "Home" meant comfort, food, playmates, and if you were naughty, 'da slippah', belt or extension cord. Good times. We weren't often naughty but there was always the mango tree to escape to!

Home Series - work in progress

  mixed media - screenprint, acrylic paint, collage

Greetings! I've begun work on a new series which I am currently calling 'HOME'.   There is no statement yet, that usually happens AFTER the work is done!  But I have been thinking about what 'HOME' means to me.  I am constantly thinking of my childhood in Hawaii, eating, playing and also of what home means to me now.  I'll be focusing on the HOME series until the Aug. 2009 opening so any work shown in the weekly challenges blog will be all about 'HOME'.  ;-) Stay tuned!

The Heart is a lonely hunter work-in-progress

  step 2 on the way to the finished piece

I started out with a 22" x 30" piece of Rives BFK paper.  Here you can see the birds, ferns and circles which were screenprinted.  The blue sky was monoprinted at the Print Arts Northwest Monothon earlier this year. Other elements were drawn with india ink.  You can see in the finished piece (see blog entry entitled: The Heart is a lonely hunter) that I cut the rooster and moved it to the other side & the swifts as well. Here is the poem I wrote for it:  

The Heart is a lonely hunter 

spooked so quickly

its quarry taking wing 

while I sit in ambush . . . . . . . . . . waiting.

The Heart is a lonely hunter

I’m going to be participating in PULSE, a fundraiser on NOV. 8, 2008 for the Children’s Heart Foundation and have hearts on my brain.  This piece won’t be part of the fundraiser because the works are to be created during the one-day event and I’m doing this now as my weekly challenge.  This particular piece will be in the Multnomah Arts Center Instructors Show & Concert Oct. 28 – Dec 2, 2008.  The opening will be on November 7, 2008 from 5-7pm with the Music Faculty Concert at 7:15pm.  Good Times for All!  I hope to see you there!

our hearts and roosters work at cross purposes sometimes